TV Kitchen is a Bad Idea Factory project. It is open source and development takes place in the open on GitHub. We are grateful to the community for bug fixes, new appliances, and other contributions.

Please submit bugs and ideas via github issues. If you want to get involved, please look at our contributor resources and consider joining the conversation.

How to Contribute

Contributions are made on GitHub via pull requests.

Contribution Types

1. TV Kitchen Improvements

If you want to improve TV Kitchen's underlying tooling, please visit these repositories:

  • tvkitchen/countertop: The code responsible for managing data flow between appliances.

  • tvkitchen/base: Interface-level abstract definitions, DTOs, type definitions for use across the TV Kitchen.

2. Creating Appliances

If you want to contribute a new way to extract data from video, you will probably want to create a new appliance. Please visit this repository for inspiration:

Note: Anybody can create a new appliance without having to release it through our repository. Appliances are just packages that conform to the Appliance API.

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